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New York wind energy developments 8/29

Clayton (Jefferson County) sound report creating controversy

Per the Watertown Daily Times (8/25)

[Clayton] Town officials have refused to let residents see a report evaluating the noise study done for Horse Creek Wind Farm. The officials claim the report, by Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, an acoustic engineering firm in Sudbury, Mass., is too complicated and preliminary to be released.

Empire State Wind interested in Alfred in Allegany County

The Evening Tribune (8/23) reports that:

At least one wind developer is eyeing Alfred for a potential building site. Keith Pitman, president and chief executive officer of Empire State Wind Energy from Oneida, said his company is interested in developing a wind project in Alfred.

Frankfort Village (Herkimer County) looking into wind development

Per the Evening Telegram (8/22)

The Frankfort Village Board is preparing to move forward with negotiations to enter into an agreement with Empire State Wind Energy (ESWE) to conduct feasibility studies on potential wind turbine sites.

Jamestown (Chautauqua County) Board of Education gives Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency authority to negotiate PILOTs

From the Post-Journal (8/27)

The Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency will be in charge of negotiating PILOT agreements with wind farm developers in the Jamestown Public Schools District.

At Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting at Jefferson Middle School, school officials decided to opt out of Section 487 of the Real Property Tax Law after hearing from Bill Daly and Rich Dixon of the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency. The law makes the installation of energy improvement systems – solar power, windmills – exempt from taxes.

Volney (Oswego County) adopts wind regulations

From the Valley News (8/23)

The Town of Volney has followed suit with other central New York municipalities in establishing regulations for residential wind energy systems. The town board adopted a local law regulating private windmills during its meeting last week.

New York wind developments 8/4

Cape Vincent Wind

Watertown Daily Times reports (7/31) that BP Alternative Energy unveiled to local residents its proposed siting plan for the 95 turbines to comprise the Cape Vincent Wind Farm. Also reported by News 10 Now.

Gorham small wind

MPNnow.com (8/4) describes efforts by local residents to site small turbines on their properties in Ontario County.

Hanover passes wind facilities siting law

Observer Today reports (7/31) on the Town Board of Hanover (Chautauqua County) adopting a new wind siting law. Also in the Buffalo News.

New York City wind

The New York Times has a nice retrospective on an avant garde windmill placed on an apartment building rooftop in the 1970s:

Soon they had 40 people on the roof [to erect the windmill]. “Everybody’s drinking,” Mr. Price said. “It’s a timing issue. You can’t get everyone up there unless there’s drink, but you can’t wait too long or they’re too drunk to work.”