New York offshore wind coalition calls for development of offshore resources

New coalition pushes for offshore wind off the cost of Long Island

Melville, NY – A broad coalition of New York’s environmental, business, and labor organizations today called on state and federal leaders to move forward with offshore wind development. New York has substantial offshore wind resources and there are currently several proposals to develop job-producing clean energy off the coast of Long Island.

The Wind Works 4 Long Island Coalition set a single, clear message: It is time to get moving and generate much-needed clean energy for New York from offshore wind.

Source: Citizens Campaign for the Environment

2 thoughts on “New York offshore wind coalition calls for development of offshore resources

  1. Dave Bradley

    Gov Cuomo (= Gov. frackenstein?) has called for MORE study with respect to the wind resources offshore of Long Island, and (perhaps) more study on the ecological/sociological and economic ramifications of wind turbines near NYC/Long Island. This call for more study is just an excus not to do offshore wind in NY State, and especially for Long Island/NYC. The obvious beneficiary of this delay is the natural gas burner electricity generators in the NYC metro region, and those who supply the fracking sourced methane for these gas buners.

    The wind resources are already sufficiently defined for people to bid on projects. And we already know who the owner of these wind farms should be -NY State (via NYPA, LIPA)- because the borrowing costs of these NY State entities are SO much lower than any private developers can hope to obtain. But no worry, lots of money is available for those who build the turbines and foundations, and those who install these systems, and that’s where the bidding needs to take place.

    All of the NYC/ Long Island region’s average power requirements ( around 10 GW) can be supplied by offshore wind from the Offshore winds near Long Island. And the is also a huge tidal energy resorce in Long Island Sound worth about 2 GW. Electrical energy storage via compressed air (Hudson River Canyon) and pumped hydro (Catskills, Taconics) is also easily doable. The only problem is the will of the political/financial elites (Goldman Sachs and friends, the ones who call the tune for Gov. Cuomo), who right now think there is more profits for them in short term speculation around natural gas prices, gambling on electricity prices and financing natural gas burners and fracking in the Marcellus and then Utica shales. Not a pretty picture.

    The question is, will ignorance reign supreme, or will the job creation potntial of offshore wind and tidal merge with the job cation of upstate wind finally yield some positive results. So far, it does not look good for the good guys (wind power), but who knows, maybe the Dark Side (frfacking and “friends”) does not always have to win….


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